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Hørsholm town center

Hørsholm town center

For Skælskør Construction, we have designed, projected and built 14 jumping rays at the new pharmacy square in Hørsholm.

It is part of the entire renovation of Hørsholm Gågade - A project that will revitalize the area and draw the audience from the covered center.

This is the first time at home we have the opportunity to perform really jumping rays. In the evening, the rays are illuminated with different colors.

Next to it, the two sculptures, Caroline Mathilde and Struense, have been renovated with, among other things. water mist, and moved onto the square. In this case, the water mist is finely atomized water under high pressure.

Client: Hørsholm Kommune

Landscape architect: Henrik Jørgensen Landskab

Water engineering project and workmanship: Fokdal Springvand a/s

Handed: 15. juni 2015

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