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Fokdal Springvand

We are Fokdal Springvand. We build and service fountains in all of Scandinavia. We have more than 20 years of experience and we have built more than 100 fountains to public and private customers. Our work is a part of architectonic projects. We create aesthetic works of art, using water as our inspiration and material.

Service visits

With regular service visits, we ensure maintenance of the fountains. We keep the fountain clean and examine the technical system.

Experiences with water

We create experiences with water. We build all kinds of fountains such as town square fountains, mirror ponds, urban brooks, rainwater draining solutions, water playgrounds and water sculptures.

Winter closure

When the leaves fall and the frost sets in, fountains are particularly vulnerable. We therefore recommend that the fountains should be closed before any frost appears.

The water laboratory

Our water lab is both workplace and playground, when we develop new fountains. Here we create, improve and try out our projects and it is often here our clients see their fountain for the first time.


We repair and restore already existing fountains. We find out what needs to be done to make the fountain work again and sometimes we suggest bigger renovations.

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