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We love Water

Who are we?

In our company, we love water. Especially water in interaction with people. Water can be peacefull and calm, but it can also start up playing and fun.
Water is also one of the most important elements in our lives. Mentally and physically.
It is also a limited natural resource. Which we have to take care of. In our firm, we are focusing on the environment and sustainable solutions.
When we design and construct new fountains, is our mission to be creative and innovative. We try to think in new and untraditional ways. We create new experiences with unique and beautiful fountains. And we are making them sustainable for the future. We always use recycled water and rainwater. We also choose the technical components and pumps that use the least energy.
A fountain should last for many years. Therefore, we believe that service visits and maintenance should be as easy and intuitive as possible, for our customers.

The Company

Fokdal Springvand ApS was founded in 1999. The company is based in Holbæk, where both workshops, water laboratory and office are located.

Jørgen Fokdal set up the company in 1999 and has built over 100 iconic fountains through the 19 following years. Som of them are the fountain at the National Museum of Art SMK, the geyser fountain at Rødovrecentret and the seven memorial wells at Kastellet.

On April 1, 2018, Master of Engineering Thomas Friis Jørgensen took ownership of Fokdal Springvand ApS and the company is continued with the same name and in the same spirit as before.

Thomas Friis

(+45) 4250 0565

Jørgen Fokdal

Fountains Designer
(+45) 4025 0965

Pia R. Daugaard

Bogholder, salg og markedsføring
(+45) 5944 0565

Gitte Ørsdahl

Project Coordinator
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Anders Larsen


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Peter Karlsen

Service Engineer

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Jan Helmark

Service Engineer

(+45) 4244 0565

Claus Bachmann

Service Engineer

(+45) 4260 0565

Peter Nielsen

Service Engineer

(+45) 3015 2365

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